Friday, July 19, 2013

Women were asked to raise their skirts

Don't get panicked this hasn't happen but its almost happening. Sri Lankan government requested  its female migrant workers to register with their family background , permission is seeking form husbands and declair their privasy to the state officials.

Those who are familiar with militarization and state interferences in private life, this is not a breaking news !!!! but this is yet an other news.

You better take the copies of the said circulars and read it.  I posses such copy and determine to fight against it legally.

Lakshan Dias- Attorney At Law
SLBFE initiates SMS system to help migrant workers
The Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) initiated a text message system to empower Sri Lankan migrant workers, by enabling them to get in touch with officials in Sri Lanka, if they face any problems in their countries of employment.

Minister of Foreign Employment Promotion, Dilan Perera, addressing a media briefing yesterday, said the Short Message Service (SMS) system was to help migrant Sri Lankan workers to communicate with the Sri Lankan authorities.
There will be officials of the SLBFE's Consolation Division working round the clock, to respond and provide assistance to the people who text seeking help.

A ministry source told Ceylon Today, the SMS system has been introduced to help Sri Lankans who reside far away from the Sri Lankan embassies and are unable to leave the place they are employed in.
The migrant workers must include their passport number in the text message they send, whereupon officials working in Sri Lanka would be able to track down which foreign employment agency sent them overseas, and thereafter track their workplace and provide the required assistance.

The hotline number to which the SMS should be directed will be given to the foreign workers through the Sri Lankan embassies and employment agencies, the ministry official said.

Complaints from Sri Lankan migrant workers

Complaints from Sri Lankan migrant workers

Eligibility: Sri Lankan Nationals

Method of submitting application: The application can be submitted by either personally visiting the Consular Division or by sending it along with other relevant documents by Registered Post. 

Places where application form could be obtained:
Consular Division,
3rd Floor, BOI Building,
Sir Baron Jayathilake Mawatha,
Colombo 01.

Payment for application: None

Time to submit application: 0830 Hrs – 1615 Hrs

Fees paying to obtain this service: None

Necessary Supporting documents: Proof of identity of the applicant/ complainant

Staff Officers in charge of the Service:
Post Name Division Telephone Fax E-mail
Assistant Director
Mr. U. Ahmed Razi Consular Division 011-5646989 011-2473899

Application Form:
Only a request letter

Undocumented Sri Lankan migrant workers in Saudi Arabia gets extended amnesty period to leave

Tue, Jul 2, 2013, 10:36 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.
July 02, Colombo: A royal order issued by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has extended the amnesty period for undocumented migrant workers in the Kingdom to correct their status by four months.
The extended grace period until 4th of November will allow the illegal migrant workers to leave the country without a penalty. The original three-month grace period was to end on July 4.
Around 14,000 Sri Lankan migrant workers registered at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Riyadh during the three-month amnesty to leave the kingdom or to legalize their status and only 2,400 out of that have returned to Sri Lanka.
Minister of Foreign Employment and Promotion Welfare, Dilan Perera has said that a special programme has been set in place to bring all the overstaying employees back during the extended grace period.
The Embassy in Riyadh has been operating round the clock to assist the Lankan migrant workers, the Minister has said.
Several embassies and consulates as well as Saudi business groups have asked for an extension of the deadline, saying the July 4 deadline was not enough considering the huge number of expatriates seeking to take use of the amnesty program.
During the amnesty period the overstaying Sri Lankans are asked to report to the Saudi Immigration and Emigration Department to obtain a pass to leave the country without being punished.
Minister Perera said the employees who come back to Sri Lanka during this grace period will be able to apply again legally for jobs in the Kingdom.

Training programmers for Sri Lankan migrant workers to West Asia commenced

Sun, Jul 14, 2013, 10:20 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.
July 14, Colombo: The foreign employment authority in Sri Lanka has commenced training programs for local migrant workers to West Asian countries.
The Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau (SLFEB) has said that the programme is currently limited to workers going to Saudi Arabia.
SLFEB Deputy General Manager Mangala Randeniya said the programme will expand by 2014 to workers going to other West Asian countries as well.
He noted that the SLFEB had taken about five years to develop the training programme, including a one-year test run and the Bureau expected it to take time to expand the programme to domestic workers travelling to other West Asian countries.
According to the SLFEB, there are currently 25 training centers across the country and the training programme consists of a vocational training module which teaches workers how to perform tasks such as housekeeping, laundry work and home gardening; a foreign language module and a common competency module that discusses pre-departure preparation, work attitudes and financial management.
This module is to also cover possible obstacles in and out of the workplace, and how to overcome them.