Monday, January 4, 2010

Body of Lankan flown back from Dubai

- Daily Mirror - 5th January 2010

Technician commits suicide

The body of H.E. Jayasena, the Sri Lankan who committed suicide on New Years Eve in Dubai , was flown back to the island, yesterday. An A/C technician at a five star hotel in Dubai , Jayasena was reported to have committed suicide while on duty.

He was found dead by his supervisor on the basement floor with burn marks on his hands.

"Forensic experts confirm the deliberate motivation of the technician to commit suicide from the marks and evidence found at the scene," Director of CID at Dubai Police Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad Humaid Al Merri told Gulf News. Police investigations revealed that the victim had been embroiled in a dispute with the hotel management over his end-of-service settlements and his air ticket back to Sri Lanka.One of his colleagues, who did not want to be named, said he was a very quiet person who had joined the company around 10 months ago.

He said that Jayasena had been complaining of a severe headache, for several months, but no one was able to identify the cause of the pain. According to him Jayasena had travelled to Sri Lanka in November for treatment which proved futile.

"I believe his sickness and the way the management dealt with his request to leave and go back home drove him to commit suicide," the colleague added.

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