Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rizana is a victim of non existence of Human Rights in Saudi Arabia , continues brutality and lack of international condemnation of Saudi Arabia .

SANRIM as a migrant workers advocacy initiative strongly condemn the failure of Sri Lankan state on substantial legal interventions to save and protect the interest of Rizana Nafeek. We take this opportunity to extend our solidarity with Rizanas family on this sorrowful moment and we are proud of their courage. We understand the entire scenario of Rizana with state irresponsibility and inability of the state to challenge Saudi Arabian Human Rights failures and violation of international legal norms.

The prime argument brought in favor of the Rizana Nafeek case was that, at the time of arrest she was a minor and minors shouldn’t be subject to capitol punishment. SANRIM also question the Sri Lankan state for its failure of challenging capitol punishment use by Saudi Arabian state and continues Human Rights violation and brutality. SANRIM understands that violations of Human Rights and UN Conventions are the prime cause of Rizana Nafeek case. Saudi Arabian state undermine the Human Rights standards ,UN conventions and internationally accepted legal frameworks which Rizana Nafeek became a victim of it.

We also take this opportunity to remind the world that world needs to seriously protest on the brutality of Saudi Arabian state on their brutality towards their own nationals and foreign workers. Every year there are over 100 people are being executed in a extremely brutal manner and many others experiences uncivilized brutality for the crimes that many civilized countries use correctional approach. Many Sri Lankans were executed over the past three decades and in many cases there were no support systems for the families and compensation for the dead.

SANRIM also watching over unconditional international protection that USA government provides towards Saudi Arabia which hindered international pressure over Saudi Arabia on their brutality and Human Rights violations. The double standards that USA practice in international arena continue to provide safety nets to undemocratic states to continue their evil practices.

We urge Sri Lankan people to condemn the Saudi Arabia as a state of Human Rights violators and perpetrators and request USA government to take strong stands on Saudi Arabia . We also urge Sri Lankan government to take this matter at the UN Human Rights Council and challenge the Saudi brutality with the Saudi Ambassador in Sri Lanka .

Lakshan.J. S. Dias- Attorney At Law , sanrimsl@yahoo.com
Chairperson – SANRIM,

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