Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Investigation in to maid torture

By Gandhya Senanayake

The Sri Lankan Bureau of Foreign Employment has requested Lebanese officials to conduct a criminal investigation in to the alleged torture of a Sri Lankan maid, after she was forced to gulp down iron nails by her previous employer, the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau told Daily Mirror online

The maid identified as Malkanthi had reportedly told her new employer that she was forced to swallow nails by her previous employer, after which she was admitted to the hospital, the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau, Kingsly Ranawaka told Daily Mirror online

He added that all steps were being taken by Sri Lankan officials in Lebanon to look into the welfare of the maid and that she had requested to stay at her new employers residents to continue her employment.

A medical check up had been carried out on the maid and the nails had been removed, the SLFEB said. (Daily Mirror online)

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