Saturday, January 31, 2009

SL human smugglers nabbed in Thailand

Four Sri Lankan expatriates are being detained at the Immigration Office in Jomtien in Thailand. On the 20th of January they were charged with being members of a gang of people smugglers.
The four aged between 21 and 45 are to be charged for trafficking fellow Sri Lankans to western countries via Thailand.
They four-some were arrested in a room in the Jomtien Complex after one of the victims -Kumar aged 24- reported the scam to the police. He complained that he and his friends were being extorted, with demands to hand over 50,000 baht in order get visas to leave Thailand for Romania.
Kumar and his friends had apparently got angry when they were kept waiting for a a long period of time without getting visas.
According to the complainants on enquiring as to the reason for the dalay they had been informed that their visas had not been approved.
Realising they had been duped Kumar reported the matter to the police.
The gang of people smugglers and their victims are to be deported to Sri Lanka. Pattaya People Weekly reported one of the gang members was wanted by the Sri Lankan police for jumping bail on a similar trafficking charge.

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