Friday, January 2, 2009

Sri Lankan maid alleges assault by sponsor’s wife

A complaint has been filed at Isa Town Police Station in Bahrain after a Sri Lankan housemaid was allegedly attacked in the Labour Ministry yesterday.
The Bahraini wife of the 28-year-old's sponsor has been accused of slapping her across the face with her handbag and pushing her around.
The alleged attack took place in the arbitration office, when a ministry official left the room to photocopy some documents.
Migrant Workers Protection Society Action Committee head Marietta Dias said the assault only stopped when a worker from a neighbouring office heard the commotion and intervened.
A police officer stationed within the ministry was called but the sponsor's wife left the building before he arrived on the scene.
One of the society volunteers had accompanied the maid, who was originally from the city of Nittambuwa, in western Sri Lanka, to the ministry, but was not in the room as they are not allowed to take part in arbitration meetings.
Ms Dias said she had not come across such a case in more than four decades of work for the organisation. which they say, cost them BD500. (Gulf Daily news)


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