Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More jobs for Lankans in Qatar

Daily News
There will be US $ 130 billion worth projects in the next ten years in Qatar and this will create significant employment opportunities there for Lankans.
Sri Lanka could fulfil of the need for labour in these projects with a strong legal framework to overcome current problems faced by the migrant workers.
It is important to safeguard the dignity and respect of the migrant workers which would lead to socio economic development of the country, Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment Additional General Manager L.K. Ruhunage said.
Qatar is in the lead in providing employment opportunities and has the highest number of migrant workers from Sri Lanka . Over 44,000 migrant workers were employed in Qatar last year accounting for 18 percent of the total outflow.
The Q1 of 2010 recorded 15,000 workers to Qatar accounting for 22 percent of the total outflow. The majority of the increase in total outflow consisted of male workers. This increasing trend in more job opportunities will continue in Qatar and it will be a healthy job market. A significant development in migrant worker related activities is the bi-lateral labour agreements entered with the Qatar Government.
These agreements are beneficial for the migrant workers which include model contracts and expenses related matters. These labour agreements protect the rights of migrant workers and will soon be enforced, Ruhunage said.

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