Monday, June 7, 2010

A Sri Lankan student critically injured and another in custody due to Israel attack

(Lanka-e-News, June 7, 2010, 9.05 AM) Owing to an attack launched by Israel Commandos on a ship carrying medicines to the Palestinians in the Gaza strip and, the taking into custody of 800 individuals, two Sri Lankans too have fallen victims, reports say.

The Sri Lankans are a Law student in Australia, Ahamed Naleeb, 21 years old and his sister 18 year old Thaleem Mariyam, a medical student in Kuwait.

Mariyam had escaped unhurt in the brutal attack of the Israeli commandos. She is now held in the refugee camp of the Israelis. But her brother’s hand and leg have sustained serious gunshot injuries and is now receiving treatment in an Istanbul Hospital.

The grandfather of the victims, Haseem Ibathullah from Beruwala , Sri Lanka has stated , following the shooting of the student , no medical treatment had been given to him for 12 hours. Because of this savage attack by the Israelis on the ship which was carrying aid to the Palestinians in the Gaza strip, 19 persons have died and over 100 have been injured.

Many countries have roundly condemned this attack. Israel says, this attack was in self defense.


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