Wednesday, July 28, 2010

41 women suffering in Saudi - Arabia -No response from authorities

It is reported that 41 Sri Lankan women are going through immeasurable suffering in Saudi-Arabia. Despite Sri Lankan Embassy in Saudi-Arabia, the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Sri Lanka have been informed about this issue, no remediable action has been taken yet.

Though ten women have fallen sick already they have not been granted any medical treatment yet say reports.

The women state that they went to Saudi-Arabia to work as cleaners in "Rasik Al-Mussalla" company. They were taken to Saudi-Arabia by a foreign employment agency known as New Trans Gulf and they had been promisesd Saudy Riyal 650 as monthly wages with free food and lodging.

However following the arrival in Saudi-Arabia that particular company didn't grant any employment to them and they are detained in a hostel. They are not permitted to go out from that place and they are not properly looked after.

Those women state that the particular company pays them only a small sum of money now and then for their food. They have appaealed to the government of Sri Lanka and relevant authorities to save them from the misery they are undergoing and bring them immediately back to Sri Lanka.

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