Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lifeline for workers of closed firms

Adel Arafa

The MoL is rectifying the status of workers sponsored by closed firms by either transferring their sponsorship to other employers or cancelling their residency visas without a ban, an official said.
Jassim Jamil, Director of Work Relations at the ministry, told Khaleej Times, “In case a firm was closed for any reason, workers must report to the Ministry of Labour (MoL) to correct their status. A worker staying in the country — whether he works for another sponsor or not — is considered a violator of the labour law because he was mainly brought from his home country to join a certain company. He is not allowed to work in another firm without correcting his status.”
Failing to do so, he will be breaching the labour minister’s resolution for recruiting non-Emiratis. The ministry will not accept his application for transfer of sponsorship. His labour card will be cancelled and a one-year ban imposed on him.
Jamil urged workers whose firms have gone out of business to immediately alert the ministry and express their interest to work with other companies or leave the country without a ban and this will allow them to come back for work without any obstacles.
Jamil was reacting to applications of a group of workers to cancel their labour cards and depart the country. The labour officials explained to them their rights and how to keep themselves on the safe side.
The workers reported to the ministry after their company was closed down for good. The workers were happy to hear the news that they can shift to another employer without obtaining the consent of the current sponsor.
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