Monday, July 19, 2010

Two Filipinas killed in Kuwait this week

Two Filipinas were killed in Kuwait this week, one by her husband and the other by her employers.
The Egyptian husband has reportedly stabbed his Filipina wife 31 times at a women’s salon in front of shocked colleagues and clients.
The killer fled from the scene after the murder, leaving the victim in a pool of blood, as securitymen and paramedics rushed to the salon in Jabriya, witnesses said. However, the victim was dead before the rescue officers and medical emergency team reached the scene, Kuwait Times reported.
Sources said that the detectives and personnel from the Criminal Evidence Department took the murder weapon and the suspect’s shoes from the crime scene as a detailed description of the suspect has been given to various security checkpoints in the country.
According to eye-witness accounts, the assailant, who was known to the victim’s co-workers, arrived at the saloon slightly after noon and asked about his wife before he attacked her with what appeared to be a meat cleaver.
Friends and co-workers have reportedly said that the victim arrived recently from vacation in her hometown in Zamboanga in the Southern Philippine Island of Mindanao where she took her three children.
Another friend of the victim, who asked not to be named, said that the assailant apparently committed the crime in a fit of jealousy and desperation because he did not want his wife to divorce him, the Kuwaiti daily said.
Friends of the victim reportedly said they often saw her report to work with black and blue marks from beatings inflicted by her husband and that her hand was heavily bandaged just before she went on vacation.
On Thursday, another Filipina, a domestic helper, was killed reportedly by the couple employing her.
According to reports, the Kuwaiti employer confessed that she and her husband maltreated the maid on a daily basis, but when they feared that the maid would die, they took her in their car to a deserted area and crushed her under their vehicle to give the impression that she was had been run over by a motorist. The woman’s husband corroborated the confession.
Habib Toumi

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