Thursday, December 25, 2008

FEB stern on Foreign Employment Agencies

From DM
By Hemanthi Guruge

The Chairman of the Foreign Employment Bureau(FEB) has asked all the foreign employment agencies to forward statements regarding the salary scheme under which the janitorial workers are sent abroad. Some of the agencies have already forwarded their statements to this effect.

The Chairman of the Foreign Employment Bureau Kinsley Ranawaka told the Daily Mirror that stern action would be taken against the relevant foreign employment agency, if an employee returns the country with a salary issue..

Meanwhile, the Foreign Employment Bureau has decided to temporarily suspend sending Sri Lankan maids to Kuwait as janitorial workers, he said. He added that the move follows the failure by Kuwait employers to pay salaries to the maids as agreed upon by the recruitment agencies before their departure.

Several Sri Lankan workers have lodged complaints against their employers in Kuwait. At least, six agencies are reported to have been involved in illegal business as well.

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