Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kuwait wants health office in Lankan embassy

The Kuwait Ministry of Interior (MoI) is planning to ask its health counterpart here to establish health offices at the Kuwaiti embassies in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Philippines due to the increasing number of medically unfit workers from these countries, reports Al-Rai quoting sources.
Affirming some workers from the above-mentioned countries were found to have liver problems, sources said and sponsors wait for the arrival of these workers for a long time only to face problems when the Kuwaiti authorities find them unfit to work.
Sources added the establishment of health offices in the Kuwaiti embassies in these countries will reduce the chances of sending unfit workers to Kuwait as these offices will be tasked to check on the medical condition of workers prior to their arrival in the country.
Meanwhile, head of the organizing committee for the First International Conference for Surgery, Dr Abbas Ramadan, said Sunday that the conference is held to match the keenness of Kuwaiti surgeons to keep up with international health developments.
Dr Ramadan told the press that the conference’s activities were to be launched yesterday, in a reflection of the Ministry of Health’s keenness to develop medical services in the country.
He clarified that there are many highly experienced Kuwaiti surgeons in the field of neurology, adding that holding such conferences on an international level will help develop health services in Kuwait, and add to the Kuwaiti surgeon’s level of expertise.
Dr Ramadan said the conference will also enlighten Kuwaiti surgeons on recent research and techniques in the field of medicine.
The conference will be held under the patronage of Minister of Health, Ali Al-Barrak, and is scheduled over two days with the participation of Arab and foreign experts in the field. (Arab Times)

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