Thursday, December 11, 2008

Four Sri Lankan Housemaids Stranded in Gaza

Thu, 2008-12-11 03:31
Gaza, Palestine, 11 December, ( Four Sri Lankan housemaids are stranded in Gaza as they are unable to leave due to closure of exit points by Israel and Egypt.
They along with their employers are facing immense difficulties due to shortages of food, medicine and fuel. In view of this situation they want to get back to Sri Lanka.
These housemaids had been working in Gaza for the last seven or eight years and they do not have proper work permits as the Palestinian National Authority has no power to extend visas or give work permits.
Sri Lanka’s Representative Office in Ramallah in Palestinian National Authority has extended the validity of their passports and appealed to Palestinian National Authority and Human Rights organizations to help but it appears that none of those organizations are in a position to get there housemaids out of Gaza.
Since the situation in Gaza is worsening day by day it has become necessary to evacuate these housemaids urgently.
- Asian Tribune –

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