Friday, December 12, 2008

Lankan jailed for molesting woman in UK

A Sri Lankan illegal immigrant who molested a woman with learning difficulties in Bristol, UK, has been jailed for two years and 9 months.
Mohamed Hamid approached the 28-year-old and took her to a quiet open space in Kingswood where he forced her to the ground and abused her, Bristol Crown Court heard.
The shaken victim was later found alone, distressed and upset.
Hamid, 44, who was living at Robertson Road in Easton at the time, pleaded guilty to sex assaults.
Imposing sentence Judge Carol Hagen told him: "The psychological impact on (your victim) cannot be estimated.
"What can be said is that it is profound and dramatic and will have a long lasting effect.
"This was not a fleeting moment case, it involved you taking her to a place where no people were, which must have increased her fear and there you detained her for sufficient time for you to be able to commit the two offences which you have pleaded guilty to."
The judge recommended Hamid to be deported to his native Sri Lanka after he'd served his sentence and she ordered him to sign the sex offenders register for life.
Ian Fenny, prosecuting, told the court the woman had a significant learning disability which would have been "patently obvious" to anyone regardless of their culture or ethnicity.
He said around 6pm on August 7 last year the woman came to the attention of some people in Kingswood who found her to be in a distressed state.
She described what happened to her and the police were called in to investigate.
The victim told police Hamid had approached her, they'd gone to a quiet spot and he forced her to the ground and abused her.
Ramin Pakrooh, defending, told the court his client suffered from a depressive illness which had psychotic features.
He said: "He thinks people are saying things about him and being remanded in custody has been a particularly difficult time for him because he is isolated regarding his language and psychiatric condition.
"He has suffered bullying and difficulties from other prisoners."
Mr Pakrooh added that his client had a wife and children in Sri Lanka and when deported from the UK he would arrive home without a passport, which would cause further problems for him.

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