Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lanka cautions Kuwait expats over swine flu threat The

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has alerted the Sri Lankan authorities including the Ministries of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare and Health and Nutrition, Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment and the media regarding a swine flu threat in Kuwait and its implications for the large Sri Lankan expat community.
The Sri Lanka Embassy in Kuwait also has taken measures to keep the Kuwait authorities duly informed of the risks involved with regard to the transmission of disease among the vulnerable sections of the society and sought their assistance to carry out health check-ups on individuals needing such preventive measures and medication.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that there is an outbreak of swine flu in Kuwait that has caused infections of over 1200 people including 5 deaths as of 2nd September.
It is reported by the Kuwaiti health authorities that over 99% of those infected have recovered and that they are well equipped to handle any emergency situation.
According to the WHO sources, swine flu epidemic in Kuwait is expected to worsen in the coming months which coincide with flu season in the Gulf during September-November period. The large migrant community in Kuwait is particularly vulnerable to swine flu outbreak with their high rate of mobility.
However, it is noted that in spite of the current outbreak of swine flu, there has been no government restrictions/advisory issued by the Kuwait government against people entering Kuwait for employment and otherwise which may also equally apply for Sri Lankans seeking employment.

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