Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sri Lankans in Qatar to lose jobs


A group of Sri Lankans in Qatar has informed Sri Lankan Embassy there to find them alternative jobs as there is a risk of losing their employment in the very near future. Among those who have sought help of the Sri Lankan Embassy to find them employment are about 200 Sri Lankans who have been employed in Qatar for many years.

Speaking to ‘Lankatruth’ several who have sought the assistance of the Sri Lankan Embassy said they have been already told by their employers to find other jobs. They said many firms are to be closed down due to the world economic crisis and those who are employed in these firms are faced with being unemployed if they fail to find alternative employment soon.

They also said the police certificate obtained in Sri Lanka is compulsory when applying for another job but this has become an issue now as the police certificate they had handed over to the present place of employment is not valid and they have to submit a new certificate. They said there is no process to get a new police certificate.

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