Friday, September 4, 2009

Workers enter country via GCC and other Asian countries bypassing embassies' authorities

Visa department ''wasta'' bypassing embassies'' contract rules
"A bilateral government agreement must be established by both countries in order to avoid such incidences. This is a clear issue of human trafficking and this is a violation in all aspects of human rights and will strain diplomatic relations between countries. These companies such as this international hamburger chain respect no authorities and no concern at all should they violate any rights such as human trafficking," added source.
Another Asian diplomat added that his embassy has encountered several cases, such as unregistered nationals who ask for assistance, yet had no records in the embassy. Investigations report that these individuals enter the country via direct hire and commercial visa, which are later processed into work visas. The diplomat added that any of its foreign embassies in other countries are not allowed to provide entry visas to companies, which have been placed on a blacklist. He further explained that its domestic ministry has the list of companies, which have existing and unfinished legal cases with their nationals.
"There are no job contracts from our embassy in Kuwait, which can be endorsed by our foreign embassies in other countries and no deployment of workers from our country will be allowed even if entry visas have been issued by the host country should the company that is hiring has been blacklisted. This is one way of protecting the rights of our nationals. In case of companies using other companies'' names or employers should we find out, we immediately send a formal letter asking for an explanation and if they fail to respond then we blacklist the company too," added the diplomat.
"Although our main mission is to protect our nationals, but we also need to respect and bide by the laws of the host country," added the diplomat.
On the issue of transparency to media, an Asian diplomat stated that his embassy has direct orders from his company in that no labor issues must be disseminated to the public and that its labor department chooses to deal with their nationals'' issues within the embassy premise. He further noted that although many of their nationals have accused the embassy of not attending to their needs and solving the problems, nevertheless he stated that the embassy''s main diplomatic mission is to protect its nationals and, contrary to the accusations made by its nationals, provide legal, spiritual, psychological and physical support are rendered by his embassy to nationals who require such services.
"Being too transparent is beneficial to the diplomatic mission and its nationals concerned although they are putting strain on diplomatic ties between both countries. Certain legal issues could be settled without involving the media, although in several cases, members of the media present unbiased news and discuss issues of both sides," added the diplomat.

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