Monday, September 28, 2009

One Thousand Sri Lankans to be deported from Kuwait

The Kuwait Ministry Of Interior is preparing to deport 1,000 Sri Lankans who are among 17,000 illegal expatriates belonging to 22 nationalities by the end of the year. It said the ministry has applied to the Central Tenders Committee (CTC) to purchase air tickets for the deportees as requested by the deportation department.
According to the memo made by the ministry's correctional facilities directorate, the tickets requested for deportees included 4,000 to Bangladesh, 3,500 to India, 1,000 to the Philippines, 1,000 to Indonesia, 1,000 to Sri Lanka, 1,200 to Egypt, 1,050 to Pakistan, 50 to Thailand, 50 to Malaysia, 500 to Iran, 500 to China, 100 to Yemen, 50 to Lebanon, 50 to Jordan, 750 to Syria, 500 to Nepal, 50 to South Korea, 50 to Somalia, 500 to Ethiopia, 1,000 to Afghanistan, 50 to Sudan and 50 to Turkey.
Official sources at the Ministry of Interior noted that this would be the largest deportation process in any year since the liberation of Kuwait in 1991. He added that the previous record was in 2006 when 16,000 were deported from Kuwait . The sources also explained that once the tender was ready, regular flights would carry those arrested for residency law violations or other legal claims to the aforementioned destinations.
In addition, the ministry has requested special conditions to be observed in the tender, such as excluding fare differences for rebooking during different seasons, the availability of the carrier's representative or liaison officer at the deportation centre on a 24/7 basis and giving top priority to Kuwait Airways. ( Kuwait Times)

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