Monday, September 28, 2009

Sri Lankan gang in Doha gets 3-year jail term

Five Sri Lankans were sentenced to three-years imprisonment each and subsequent deportation following their conviction of stealing a safe - containing QR100,000 and other documents - from the premises of a company they worked in Doha.
According to the charge sheet, the crime took place soon before midnight of February 27 last year.
A Doha court of first instance heard that the prime suspect did not lock the door of the manager’s office on purpose "to ease the operation for his accomplices," and pocketed QR10,000 as a reward.
The four Sri Lankans transported the safe using a pick-up vehicle, driven by one of them and broke it open in the desert, the court learnt.
Confessing to the interrogators about the robbery details, the prime suspect said that he stayed in the premises until the next morning and that he was the one who informed the company’s officials about the "missing safe."
According to the court papers, the five suspects remitted the money, each separately, to their country the very next morning.
The ruling is still open for an appeal in a higher court.
(Gulf Times)

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