Monday, August 9, 2010

FEB brings back stranded housemaids

Daily News - 5th August 2010
Suraj A. Bandara

The Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau (SLFEB) stated that seven Sri Lankan housemaids who were ill and stranded in a hostel in Riyadh were returned to Sri Lanka yesterday.

Around 45 housemaids are with the Job agency till they are found jobs as promised by the agency. They are stranded in a hostel in Riyadh .

The Sri Lankan Embassy in Riyadh and the SLFEB took urgent steps to bring the seven housemaids since they were ill. The returnees were handed over to the Airport officials and after giving them early medication they were sent to their houses. No one was critical needing to be hospitalization, Bureau said.

The Bureau will take action to bring down another 26 housemaids who have consented to return. Seven housemaids have expressed their willingness to stay and find employment. The Job agency who promised to provide jobs is looking after the housemaids till they find employments in Riyadh .

The Bureau further stated it would bear the full cost for getting down the rest of the housemaids. Actions will be taken immediately to bring them back to the country, it said.

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