Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Law and You - 19

Published: Jul 30, 2010 23:53 Updated: Aug 14, 2010 00:35
My husband has been working here for the last three years. I came to Saudi Arabia in 2008 on a family visa. But soon after my arrival my husband’s sponsor declared him to be an absconding worker. Shortly after my husband had a mental breakdown and doctors advised him to return home for treatment. However, because of the action of his employer, my husband was arrested by immigration officials and has been in detention for two years. I haven’t had contact with him in that period of time. My embassy has not helped me. I have a baby and do not know what to do. — A.B.C.
Seek advise from the Labor Office. Take a translator unless your Arabic is fluent. Bring any medical reports. I am astonished that your embassy is not helping in the matter. It is part of their mission to provide such services to citizens of their country. Go to your embassy again and insist on seeing the head of the mission and ask for his help. Between the embassy and Labor Office, a solution should be found.

I have been working in Saudi Arabia for the past 50 days and I still have not received my iqama. My company gave me a note saying my iqama is being processed in case any official wants to check my status. The letter has no chamber of commerce verification stamp. Please advise. — A.S.D.
Take your letter that is authorized by your employer to the local chamber of commerce and industry and have them authenticate it. If your employer is not a registered employer with the chamber of commerce then you should go to the local Labor Office (with a translator) and bring this issue up.

I have been working in Saudi Arabia as a driver for two years. Now I am leaving on final-exit and I want to return on a new visa for another company. Do I need a no-objection certificate (NOC) from my current employer? Also, my current employer is not registered with the local chamber of commerce. — Z.X.C
Yes, you will need NOC to return immediately to work with another sponsor. If you stay away for one year from the termination of your service you may return for a new job without the NOC. If your sponsor does not have a chamber of commerce registration then he must go with you to the Passport Department and sign before them.

— Answers given by Muhammad Jaber Nader

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