Thursday, August 26, 2010

Govt. tries to get Saudi maid compensation

Daily Mirror

How the airport X-Ray machines missed the nails, remains to be investigated

By Khrishan Jeewaka Jayaruk

Embassy of Sri Lanka in Saudi Arabia would lodge a complaint with the Saudi Arabian Police to arrest the employers of the Lankan house maid who had been tortured with nails, Foreign Employment Bureau sources said.

Authorities were trying to black list both the employer and the recruiting agency while getting her due compensations.Deputy General Manager of Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Services Bureau Mangala Randeniya said that action has been taken by the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Saudi Arabia, to arrest the land lord -husband and wife, where the Sri Lankan house-maid had been tortured.

“No domestic servant will be sent to the same household where a person had been so cruelly treated and the Employment Agency which sent the victimised servant will be black listed,” he said.

He said that an investigation has already been completed and a report had been submitted to the Sri Lankan Embassy in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia by the Ministry of Labour and that the embassy is pursuing the matter through the to have the errant couple arrested by the Saudi Arabian Police.

The house maid L.P. Ariyawathie (49) a resident of Udadeniya, Batuwita, Thihagoda, is undergoing treatment at the Andapana Government Hospital. Doctors had found twenty four (24) iron nails in her body.

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