Monday, August 9, 2010

Ministry shuts 5 maids offices

The Ministry of Interior announced the closure of five domestic servant offices for violating the amended law on domestic workers, and revoked the licenses of four domestic workers procurement companies for failing to show up to defend themselves from the accusations and complaints of citizens, reports Alam-Alyawm daily.
Sources said the ministry is determined to enforce rules and regulations and that any company caught duping or selling maids would be severely dealt with. They disclosed that new contracts would be distributed in the beginning of Ramadan to companies and that non-compliance with the amended laws won’t be tolerated.
The new rules mandate the companies to bear the financial responsibility of deporting a maid who hasn’t stayed in Kuwait for more than 100 days and ran away or played truant. The company is also to refund the citizen provided the causes of running away are known, or there is sickness, death, suicide or the maid entered Kuwait with an ailment. The rule also states that proper accommodation must be provided for maids when they enter the country and that inspection teams would be on the lookout for violators. A system has also been developed to allow the ministry access the records of the companies, in order to monitor their activities.
Arab Times Online

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