Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saudi employer nails Lankan housemaid

Suraj A. Bandara
A 56-year-old mother of three with 23 nails inside her body punched as punishments by her masters in Saudi Arabia has been hospitalized after returning to Sri Lanka .
*She went to Saudi a few months ago
*Work in an overcrowded house
* Doctors find 23 nails in her body
* Being treated at Kamburupitiya Hospital
She had gone to Saudi Arabia after being registered at the Sri Lankan Foreign Employment Bureau a few months ago.
She had worked as a housemaid in an overcrowded house in Saudi Arabia with unbearable workload to be done per day. When she abstained or failed to accomplish her daily routine she had been inhumanly punished by her employers inserting nails to her body.
The doctors found around 23 nails in her body and removed them after a surgery. She told that she was severely beaten and nailed by her employers.
According to her, the job agency who sent her to that house promised her a place with safe and less work.
“But I had to work from dawn to dust. I had hardly slept. They habitually beat me, threatened to kill me and hide my body,” she said.
“I arranged my passports and all other documents to return through my own expenses. They were really devils with no mercy at all”. She is under treatment

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