Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Database for foreign employment

By Hemanthi Guruge
The Ministry of Foreign Employment Promotion is preparing a database of those who wish to seek employment abroad and those who have returned to the country from foreign employment, the Secretary to the Ministry Sunil Sirisena said. He noted that such a database would enhance foreign employment opportunities that the country can utilize.

Mr Sirisena told the Daily Mirror that the Ministry had faced difficulties in allocating job opportunities that had come in the country’s way due to the lack of a database containing qualifications of those who seek foreign employment. He noted that the process of calling applications through newspaper advertisements take time and in the meantime job orders that have come would go elsewhere due to the delay.

He also said that the problems faced by those who go as housemaids would also be reduced by having a database as exploitation by job agents and sub-agents could be minimized. The forms to get registered with the database will be made available through Grama Niladharis and the Divisional Secretariats, Mr Sirisena said.

Meanwhile the Ministry has already prepared a questionnaire to gather information on families of foreign migrant workers.

In addition the Ministry will also collect information on those who have returned to the country after being employed abroad.

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