Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sri Lankan drowned in Italy

Leslie PERERA, Ja-Ela Central Corr.

Suresh Randeniya (30) of Batagama North, Kandana employed in Italy was drowned while bathing in a lake in a lake district in Italy with his friends on August 16 according to a report from Milan, Italy.

Reports said most parts of Italy including Milan is presently experiencing dry weather conditions with unbearable heat and many people go on vacation to the wet lake district to enjoy the cool climate. While on a visit to the lake district Suresh had gone to enjoy a bath in one of the lakes (Belarj) with a group of friends when he faced this tragedy.

A friend who had gone to rescue Suresh too had been in difficulties in a deep area and a life saving boat had rescued him. It was two days later that Suresh's body was fished out from the lake.

Suresh's parents Francis Randeniya and Rose Randeniya are in a thoroughly grief stricken state after being informed of their sons death. Rose Randeniya said Suresh was the youngest of their only two son's. They last heard from him when he telephoned them on August 15 and informed them that he would be visiting Belarj lake district with a group of friends. Suresh's body was due to be flown to Sri Lanka for the funeral.

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