Saturday, August 15, 2009

Expatriates major traffic violators

Abdullah AlـNajjar
Staff Writer

KUWAIT: Recent traffic statistics indicate that expatriates dominate the figures in major traffic violations. On July, 16, alone 603 major violations have been committed. General statistics indicated that citizens committed 5,756 violations, while expatriates committed 10,847. Statistics also indicated that direct violations last month accounted for 28,837 while indirect violations stood at 36,526. Kuwait''s roads witnessed 81 violations of jumping red traffic lights, 1,554 cases of over speeding, while driving in the opposite direction stood at 1,771. Reckless driving accounted for 575, and violations of driving without insurance premiums were recorded at 2,292. Violations in the roadـworthiness of cars reached 9,329.
Expatriates living in Ahmadi committed the highest number of traffic violations, while the highest number of violations committed by Kuwaitis was in the Mubarak AlـKabeer governorate.
Officials said that It should be noted that the cameras installed on the roads are not only for monitoring the movement of traffic and violations, but also for security reasons. Sources added that these cameras do not encroach on people''s freedom as some might claim, but rather reinforce security, which prompted the authorities to upgrade those cameras and develop their capabilities.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior''s Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major General Mahmoud AlـDoussari held a meeting with the municipality''s General Manager Ahmed AlـSubeih to discuss unifying the color, form, and locations of sign boards. The meeting was recommended by the higher authorities, since there is a random dispersal of board signs regarding the locations of government departments and institutions in all areas.

Last updated on Sunday 16/8/2009

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