Sunday, August 30, 2009

Explosive corruption and fraud in SL Embassy in Korea

Lanka-e-News 30.Aug.5.30PM) Who is the Minister who appointed a local without a visa in Korea after six months illicit stay and was to be deported by the Korean Immigration and emigration Dept., as a welfare officer in the SL Embassy?

This individual who was to be deported for this wrongdoing with a five year ban disallowing him entry to the country was appointed as a welfare officer on forged identity card and passport.

This individual who has no proper knowledge of English, Sinhala or Tamil is from Kandy District and his name is Mohomed Suhaib. After discovering that his educational certificates were forged following an investigation by the Foreign employment Bureau , he was forwarded a letter to send a reply within 7 days , so far there has been no reply received.

Besides, despite this officer’s term having ended and is called back to the country, the Ambassador in Korea has extended his term by a further three months. Although a new Officer has been appointed in place of Suhaib as far back as in April, the Ambassador is holding back the new appointment, it is reported.

In another disgraceful incident, Thushara Perera , a labor officer in the SL High Commission has collected the compensation of Rs. Five million due to an employee who died ,by forwarding forged documents and fraudulently presenting his sister as that of the deceased. 'Lanka E News' highlighted this in November 2008. Consequently, after the discovery that Thushara Perera’s certificates were forged and the compensation fraud was proved , his official passport and his Embassy appointment were cancelled.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Asitha Perera had requested an extension of two months for Thushara Perera’s service pending his replacement , and got him a re validation for his official passport for a similar period. Taking advantage of this relief, Thushara has fled to England illicitly. As a result, the investigations which were on against him has come to a halt.

The letter appended confirms the request made by the Ambassador Asitha Perera requesting the extension of Thushara Perera’s term by two months and re validation of his passport too for two months.

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