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Migrant Workers Offered Job Training - South Korea

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By Kwon Mee-yoo - The Korea Times (Seoul) - The Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRDSK) provides free, 12-week education courses for migrant workers returning to their country of origin to help promote self-employment or make it easier for them to find a new job after they return home.

Toledo Hermie Abaros, 41, is an immigrant worker from the Philippines who came to Korea under the employment permit system in 2006 and worked for a small company. With his departure date nearing, he is busy preparing for a new job after going back to his homeland.

He is the beneficiary of job training courses provided by a Korean human resources development unit at the labor ministry. He took a PC maintenance and operation course and plans to establish a store or apply for a job at a Korean company in his home country.

The education course is offered by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRDSK) for migrant workers to help promote self-employment or make it easier for them to find a new job after they return home.

‘The educational courses on marketing and computer skills will promote migrant workers to return to their hometowns voluntarily and prevent the number of illegal foreigners from increasing,’ Kim Nam-il of HRDSK said.

The first was offered from April to July for four hours every Sunday. Some 49 students took PC courses, with 32 completing it on July 12.

‘The migrant workers displayed much enthusiasm in study despite their poor working conditions, such as frequent night duty,’ an HRDSK official said. ‘To meet their needs, the center offered the education free, provided a translation service and even paid for transportation fees.’

Any employment permit system worker whose work period expires within the year can apply for the free 12-week course. There are three courses - marketing, PC maintenance and PC operation - and the classes are led by Koreans with a translation service. Applications are available at the HRDSK or on its Web site at

‘We plan to offer another trial course in September before providing it regularly from next year,’ the official said.

The HRDSK also provides job information about Korean companies in their hometowns and helps them find employment there.

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