Saturday, August 1, 2009

Open warrant issued on monk, his father

By Ananda Weerasuriya -dm
Mt. Lavinia Chief Magistrate Harsha Sethunga issued an open warrant on a person in robes and his father who were under custody for defrauding large sums of money amounting to lakhs of rupees from five young men promising employment in Canada and were absconding after being bailed out on the undertaking to return their money.
The accused Gigum Maduwage Wimalabuddhi and his father A.M. Jinadasa had been restrained from leaving the country.
This person in robes had defrauded six lakhs of rupees from 5 young men promising employment in Canada and as a sequel to a complaint to the effect at the Mt. Lavinia court he was arrested while he was hiding in a temple in Dehiwela and was remanded and bailed out on his father’s security that they undertook to repay the complainants.

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