Friday, August 14, 2009

IOM Works with Government of Sri Lanka to Develop New Database of Local Government Officials

Sri Lanka - IOM and the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs (MPA&HA) have developed a national database of all Grama Niladharis (GN) – local government officers at village level.
The GNs are responsible for issuing a variety of documents that are subsequently used for issuing important identity documents, including National Identity Cards and passports.

The database, known as the Integrated Grama Niladhari Information System (IGNIS), includes information on approximately 14,000 GNs across the island and was funded by Australia and the European Union. It will be based at the MPA&HA for administrative purposes and linked to other government departments.

IGNIS includes the GN's personal, official and emergency contact information, details of transfers, promotions, replacement arrangements, service records, educational and professional qualifications, trainings received, language proficiency, signature and rubber stamp, along with his or her photo.

"The system is web-based and will allow specific government departments to share GN information and verify data online. It will assist document verification for government border control and law enforcement agencies dealing with migration issues, improve their decision making processes, and enhance service delivery to the general public," says IOM Sri Lanka's head of migration management Shantha Kulasekera.

IOM supported the initiative by assisting the ministry in the data collection process; designing and developing GN information forms; developing and installing software at the ministry to input the information; and providing the data storage equipment. It also provided a training course for the data collectors.

For more information please contact:

Shantha Kulasekara
Tel. 5325 300 (Ext: 356), 0777 727 796


Stacey Winston
Tel. 5325 300 (Ext: 340) 07723662


Passanna Gunasekera
Tel. 5325 300 (Ext 341)

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