Saturday, August 29, 2009

Strengthening Island-wide Administrative Network for the Development of Foreign Employment Industry in Sri Lanka

Friday, 07 August 2009
Despite the fact that women as domestic workers have earned billions of dollars, their employment abroad has created a social degeneration in the country.
It is important to build-up a work-force covering all Divisional Secretarial Divisions in Sri Lanka who will be responsible for the promotion development, protection and Welfare of migrant workers. Considering the fact that the Returned and Retained migrant workers as well as foreign job seekers scattered all over the country, there should be a strong network to launch administrative and development activities in the village level.
Within this context the Ministry of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare as well as Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment can manipulate the proposed development officers to implement their promotional and welfare activities in efficient and effective manner.
With the approval of Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs and the cooperation extended by Government Agents, Divisional Secretaries, we already identified the development officers for all Divisional Secretarial Divisions in Sri Lanka.
1. To provide opportunity to the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment to make use of Human Resource in Divisional Secretarial Divisions level.
2. To build up island wide strong network for the development of labour migration.
3. To provide opportunities to implement promotional, protectional and Welfare activities including the implementation of National Labour Migration policy for Sri Lanka with the patronage of existing Administrative Mechanism in this Country.
4. To make use of the work –force to conduct surveys, researches and other kind of special projects, periodically identified by the Bureau and the Ministry.
5. To collect data regarding the returned and retained migrant workers and their families to make policy decisions and to implement welfare activities.
1. Identification of development officers for all Divisional Secretariat Divisions in Sri Lanka through Divisional Secretaries and Government Agents.
2. Organization of district wise awareness programs.
3. Implementation of awareness programs through Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.
4. Handing over job task/job description to the development officers.
5. Monitoring and Evaluation.

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